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Bora bora

She wants to go to bora bora

cause we're bored

but theres corona

and we can’t even afford it

so we get a song from California

a sappy one about our

happy mattress on the floor


the new lacroix

really tastes like cola

bryce and gunna and josie

on the sofa

ole hot dog

with the big docs

gots plants to water

and plans to wander



i need some fannie mae

I’m twice the age 

of what the hassids say is a man

but I’m grown now

home now

anywhere with my fam in michigan


ooh i love me love me love me 

some leo, meg and gummys

givin em hell at the taco bell

I’m making money money money

I’m tired 

reading lil women on the linen bedside

if i need to get a vibe 

ill be listening to WAP

and then i’ll be listening to WAP again


you see me comin

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