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We're like michael scott and holly

you're always gonna make me act up

i never thought id dance

in front of anybody else

but you never fake it

you're my wavy wizard

you're my handyman

i didn’t think i'd ever go

and never in a boat

but there you go and take me

i see it when you call your mom

or when you're rolling with your dogs

you're fine

never gonna say whats on my mind

when I’m looking in your eyes

i be looking in your soul

inside your body, you know it

i see it when you're hauling your ride

or when you stand up for the law, but inside

you're always gonna be my lil pirate

i'll be riding on the back of your bike

like 1973

hi diddle dee dee

tequila singing

glean the meanings from

your favorite song

and then you go and get along

with anybody into whose contact you come


we're like michael scott and holly

youre always gonna have my back

i didn’t think i'd ever match

with such a big catch

but there you go and bait me 

i think baby sisters make the

greater man

but then you sip french vanilla

and start laughing like a villain

and were right back to crazy    

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