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Radio Promoter

Someone up in Canada

got himself a band and a radio promoter

that's all that you gotta know

got the skinny pants

and the Billy Madison attitude


you holler at your fans "do you love me?"

then you tell everybody

that you'll always be lonely in your heart


but really though

you got a new video

you know what to do


creeping on em, cheating on em,

brings me back to life

i don’t feel like water

i feel like wine

kill my father

and steal his mind

and ill go free

Jesse's turning 27

he wants to go the way of Kurt Cobain

but he also loves to live in the present

he's everybody's favorite razorblade


he goes to the party

where he knows nobody

but growin up he was the 

board game papi

he wake up in the morning to get it all done

so when the evening comes its fun, fun


eating each and every exotic treat

that he can find

i don’t feel like water

i feel like wine

ill steal your mantra

and kill your vibe

and ill go free


C’est difficile tout de temps

du matin et du soir

mais il y a

tres bon

mais il y a

comme ci comme ca

comme ci comme ca

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