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God's country

Well he sleeps in the back of his tesla

cause he only likes to live inside his mind

keepin his tracks pointed westward

the openness is part of the design


keep a lil more faith

while all of us worry

a lil more patience

and you won’t have to hurry home

feel a lil more pain

and it makes life so pertty

just a lil more famous

and youll never be buried


I’m freezing it all on the camera

but you can never really bring it back to life

keeping myself on the banner

humility is more than just a lie


all the live long day

they seek out their purpose

lose a lil more weight

and they call that a turning point

I’m on a whole new plane

and ill smooth out that surface

find a whole new wave

and i call that working hard


cede no space

but also don’t keep no place

in god's country 

all alone


you'll feel the change

but also you’ll feel the same

in gods country


far above

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