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everybody wants you to play in

they’re giving you the look

but you think youre getting took


you had a feeling you shoulda stayed in

but the crook has got his hooks in ya

cooking up the books


you are my brainchild

my mutual fund

you are my 5 star hotel chain

hard to contain 


say you'll be my mama

tell me thats the bottom line

everybody wants ya

but everybody's got a price


say you'll be my lady

tell me that they never would

everybody hates me

but maybe you can make me good


say youll be woman

tell me that its nothin much

anyone can do it

but not too many got the touch


say youll be no comfort to me

and ill be no comfort to you

while sipping tea and staring straight into your



all karma, no sutra

call me a kid and a loser

cause you're an abuser 


the new year comes again, i’m losing friends

i’m doing everything i said i wouldn’t

you bet i would

you were right 

does that make it alright for you cause


you were my rainman

my radical choice 

you were my constant contact point

hard to enjoy


say you'll be my person

tell me thats the easy part

beat around the bush and then say

i guess it could be hard


say you'll be my president and

i'll be your resident evil

you don’t know 

what can happen to people


but say you had a problem

baby thats why I’m a tool

i could come and knock it around 

if that would make me cool


say you'll be no angel with me

and i'll be no angel with you

we'll learn to tango and

start taking it to the streets


oh please

I’m asking to see

my dreams alive

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