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You can bring me magazines,

Magazines with pretty girls

Are on my floor

But I’m tired, sore

You can bring me adderall

Cause out of all this who wants peace

With all the pieces in my drawer

And I’m finding more

So you can tell me what you want

If what you want ain’t hard to steal

Steely-eyed and gray

Like daddy-o

So you can tell me that I’m dirty

With your wording its a game I’ll play

Say, you’re kinda like me


So goddamn hetero


You’re so wet dreamy

Why don’t you see men like me?

I’m heteroverheels


Pull your hair back with your hand

Show your face as it was planned

Stand it while you can

And then come to me

Turn your eyes up at the sound

Stretch your arms out, turn around

And try to hold what’s pouring down

Cause I can tell that you’re still learning

You’re still earning what I paid

For last night’s meal

Now it’s wrapped in foil

So you can tell me if I’m nervous

I’m just worthless in your eyes

And then come to me


So goddam hetero…

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