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now u see me

Now you need me

Now you know

Now you see me

Now you don’t

You had to leave me had to go

Now you need me

Now you know

Don’t believe me I’m a liar

Don’t believe me I’m a liar


We a couple animals

We doin’ cannonballs

We eat a can of worms

Cause we some cannibals

The mechanical bull

It’s a catapult

Atta girl, give the cat a whirl

It’s unimaginable

Cause it would be


A tragedy man made out of the blue

Who knew that you knew better

Not you

Wish that you could do it all over again


You were right there before

You’ll be right some more

Let me look around

Let me look around where you go

You noticed

You know this hell


Getting involved for the moment

A former life

Coming to find that

You don’t mind at all


I can mumble a bit

I can lie but I can’t hide

You’re gonna find it

You’re find it out

You’re gonna find some how

You’re gonna find it


So appealing, so compelling

So come here, I’m soaking wet now

Don’t you feel it? Then don’t tell him

Get your feet wet, they’re cold as hell, they’re cold as hell

Honey c’mon, c’mon, let me comment on your body,

C’mon, what have we got in common, lil buddy?


Zoom in the camera, take a panorama because of that boy

Because of that boy, because of that dude

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