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Well hello, you’ve got a lovely style

And I should know-

I’ve been writing all of your mama’s advice

And if you tell me how ya like it

We can go far

And so far so good yo


When I’m in the mood for it bae

She makes one hour, makes one hour

Out of thin air, then we take a shower afterward

That I can’t get out of

How could I get out of it all?

All the party people in the house!-

Ya gotta get out

Pretty ladies don’t count

Yall know who to get at

When I’m in the mood for it bae

She makes me one hour, She makes one out of me

She takes one out of me

If you tell me how you like it

We can go far

So far so good


Ooh ooh you taste like milk,

You taste like salsa

And the ocean smells like your wynona

Shit i just can’t stop talking

And you knew it all,

All along you knew it all

But you must not know bout me

I’m an award winner

And I taste like whiskey,

I taste like ashes and black coffee

I was naughty, then she caught me,

Now she miss me (heh)

yada yada yada

I don’t wanna bore ya, I wanna bore into ya

Powerful love like God of Corinthians

If the baby in the manger’s the savior

Then I dunno whadda call a cradle at all


At the door you looked so foreign,

But in here you’re so familiar

I was drawn in by the light

But now it’s dark and warm and still and wet

And home is in our roamin hemoglobin

And it’s only beholden to our folded lil note-poems

Fuck the tuck in your elbows, we’re hella in the ozone


When I’m in the mood…

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