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You’ll find
The glimmer in your eye
The glamor and glitz you were wishin'
Your whole life for were
Always in your sights

You’ll find
The little one you do love love
The little things and love
You never gotta be hungry for
If you do it right

I tried
But i could just never decide
It always kinda flew right by me

But everything i wanted from the start
Was always in my heart

Keep walking
Keep watch on the neighbors dog
Not a peep
A lot of stuff we gotta sweep
Until we stop
You oughta get ready
Here we are

Now on a hot night
You can call me like a hotline
You can tell me bout your plot line
Just come over to my house

You can tell me that it’s not fine
And I’ll tell you just to stop crying
You can tell me that your mom was right
Just come over to my house

Oh but how
Is my little niece walking
My mind’s got me running

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