fixin' up right

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Your feelings are mixed

And our feelings are mixing up

Ain’t nothing fixed

But everything’s fixin up right

Shorty you blowing my mind


Your feelings are neutral

Our feelings are mutual

Don’t know the future but we’ll

Do something unusual tonight

Shorty you blowin my mind


If music is math and math is machines

I think we all know what that means

You never really created

And you ain’t ever really made it much better

If music is math and math is machine

I think we all know what that means

You’re just the sum of your parts

They came in a lil cardboard box

If music is math and math is the weather

Goddamit might as well forget her

Cause it’s never your fault

It’s never ever really your fault


When I come towards you

You make me weak

When it feels like everybody’s terrified of me

Baby you making me mean it

But I’m afraid it might be paraplegic


Shalom shalom, sweet sugar

There’s alcohol and we all got good news

Shalom shalom, sugar

Just pass along the time you’re coming through

And shed a lil light

help pay our rent

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