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Dan & Drum's

Personalized Songs

The Personal is Universal

Dan & Drum is a nationally touring act that has accrued 10s of millions of streams across platforms, with Florence Pugh and Rob Thomas as noted fans. Order a personalized song from Dan, and he will craft a customized song specific to your experience, while making it universally relatable- just like a "real" song. Many of these unique, catchy songs are released and go on to earn millions of streams. 

A mini song (1:30) about the subject of your choice!


A FULL song (3:00+) on the subject of your choice, in the genre of your choice!


A FULL song (3:00+) on the subject of your choice, in the genre of your choice, with 2 revisions available, professional release guaranteed!



How does it work???

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Use this form to input your info, and Dan will turn it all into a customized song. Get started here: 


The Coolest Part? Some of these songs get professionally released, and have together earned 1 million + streams on Spotify alone! "Soothe Me" was a gift to Rick from his sons



A personalized song, "First Song" was played recently as Taylor's first song at her wedding. Others have been anniversary, birthday, and graduation presents, with some used for business in advertisements


Still Thinking?

Fill out a form to get the ball rolling:



“This may very well be the best email I've ever received. I absolutely love the song and the lyrics and I know Ben will too” - Adeline Carter

“Holy SHIT that is good, oh my god, thank you so much idek what to say, thank you so so much i love it i know she will too” - Dylan Brown

“I listened to this song for the first time about 2 hours ago, and have listened to it like 10 times since. I LOVE it so much. There's something about your unconventional chord progressions and melodies that is so nostalgic.” - Johnny Nava

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