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The Best "Personalized Song" Story

Having done dozens of these suckers so far, I feel like I've been blessed with peepholes into many different lives- to put it as creepily as possible, of course.

Some have gotten songs for themselves (respect), many for their partners, and others for their parents or children. Valentines Day, Birthdays, and Anniversaries are huge, as are wedding presents.

But only once have I been commissioned to make the First Dance song for someone's wedding. Born fearless, I was excited at the opportunity.

Their relationship started long distance, chatting on discord about shared interests. As things intensified, they began traveling to see each other, eventually deciding to move in together.

Knowing this was for a first dance, I started strumming with a waltz feel. Ever the meta-boy, I sang "This is the first song"- and that tied it all together. It continued- "This is the first song/ you thought of/ when we started talking on discord/ and solving our problems". And just like that, everything was there- their history, their shared tastes, and a reference to the occasion itself.

Does every song turn out this great? Yes. I'm gonna say yes. Every song is different of course, and some more popular than others, but each is created equal. I will never put less heart than you into this.

You can now listen to it on Spotify as "First Song" from Personalized Songs Vol. 1, one from the group of personal songs that has been streamed 1 million+ times.

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