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Personalized Songs Comparison Guide

Songfinch- The current model for personalized songs consists of a warehouse of unknown writers that are only paid a fraction of the upfront $199 charge. How much time and effort are they putting in? Are you confident in the artist's ability to make something unique? Also, the higher priced orders take months- why? Something to think about.

Songlorious- These guys were on Shark Tank. When you think "personalized song", do you think of value, craftsmanship, and a one of a kind experience? Or do you think "Shark Tank Product"? Enough said.

Songheart- Exactly like the first two, this is a generic company that produces generic songs, through a mechanized, shockingly impersonal checkout process, concealing the pricing along the way. Maybe if you're getting a song for a baby who's never heard music before, maybe that's ok.

Are the personalized songs from any of these companies actually "original"? Or do they probably use the same templates for different songs again and again?

Dan & Drum- Now, I may be a bit biased, but here is an established artist who's original songs have enchanted millions for years, deciding to turn toward public service and make songs for the people. Admirable. Not only that, but some of these personalized songs have been publicly released, earning 1 million + streams altogether. Quality you can taste.

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