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The Keys to a Great Personalized Song

So, you've decided to purchase a personalized song, but you want to make sure it really bangs. What do you do? Easy:

Provide Random Details: No detail is too unimportant, as long as it has significance to you. An inside joke, a long lost memory, nicknames or a favorite stuffed animal: if it's important to you, it's important to me. Honestly, the more idiosyncratic the better: the personal is universal.

couple purchased a personalized song as anniversary gift
Louise and Chaz from "Chaz"

Don't Rely on Boring Details: If they are a teacher or a nurse, that doesn't tell me much about them. I will already assume that you have a happy relationship and went on vacation at some point in the last few years. Some of this will be necessary for background, but alone they do not make a great song make.

Pick a Date: These songs work great as gifts (or for yourself), and making an event out of it can be fun. A hard deadline also ensures you get the song when you want, while the more time allowed generally leads to a higher quality song. Sometimes you think of things when walking back up the stairs.

The Levels Count: You might want to control the sound and genre as well- in that case, the Grande option is for you. If you want something for your business or a big event like a wedding, you may want to focus on the Venti option to make sure that you have the greatest possible control over the product you want.

Don't stress: Whether you provide a sentence or a page, I will come up with something. I will read all of what you send me (within reason) and do my best to incorporate what I can into the song.

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