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I only worry that I’m crazy

Cause if it’s at all true

Then it’s all true

You know I hate lying

Cause I hate wasting time

You said soon we’ll be leaving this place

And the life it defined

And you were lookin' hella phased

I was still making up my mind

I put them words in the open and they oxidized


Falling, golden and heavy, in the middle of the room

You were pouring over them, I was pouring over you

Snagged by the glinting of your open, glossy eyes

Tryna decide if it’s clarity, or a reflection

Is it careful tension, or an embarrassing infection?


We can’t get any closer without touching, I said

And I can’t put my hand there

Without going through it

Without us both going through it

And they say the day you die is when you meet your match

So you’re probably hoping that I cut you some slack


And that wouldn’t be so bad

If I didn’t have to eat

But if I catch sleep in the shower

I can maybe get an hour


Cause now I know the difference

Now I know the difference

Between a prayer and a preference

Between desire and a deference


Cause I always leave with love

A new pouch in my pocket

It’s a sweet, slow drip, but in my vice grip

It’s all gone by the morning

Ya know ya man always want more in the morning


You’re the heroine

Good god yeah you feel so smooth

When you come through, I see you

On the next page in the wreckage of the towers in flames

Handing out blankets to the families praying

Baby I’m a young lover down on my luck

Undercover as a stick in the mud

Yeah I’m a fixer-upper

And if you’re a nip-tucker

Then I can be your partner man

I can be your partner like Chan and Chris Tucker


Without touching, though, no I can’t do without touching

If that’s asking too much we can just close the book

But don’t ya wanna know if you’re supposed to look

I wanna know if ya know my name

Should I go, should I go say hey?

Should a ghost say hey?

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